Heavy Duty Equipment Installations and Commissions

Pic Industrial performs heavy duty equipment installation, pre-commissions, and commissions to ensure your facility runs smoothly.

When you request an installation, our team will visit your facility, prepare the foundations for the equipment, ensure the equipment is placed in the correct position, precisely align the equipment, and anchor it for running.

We can perform inspections of the equipment before it is installed, ensuring that all equipment is up to code and in good working order.

Pre-commissioning is when we come to your facility and inspect the equipment installation to ensure it is placed and set up correctly to be used. Commissioning is visiting the equipment site and making the units run so you can begin working.

We can perform commissioning for all the equipment and systems that we install. If you are installing heavy duty equipment, trust that Pic Industrial will set it up completely and correctly. We can install the equipment, perform various checks, modifications, and operational changes to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly and as intended.

The vast majority of the value of equipment is determined in the design, procurement, and installation stage of the equipment. To ensure you are getting the full value out of equipment and your plant, it is critical that equipment is installed properly. It is difficult and costly to fix installation errors after the fact. Trust Pic Industrial to get the installation and commissioning of your equipment done correctly to save you time and money.

Industries We Serve

Pic Industrial primarily serves the Oil and Gas industry as well as manufacturing industries. These industries have equipment that weigh upwards of twenty tons, such as motors, pumps, and sorting conveyors. We have also installed and commissioned hospital equipment. Large scale equipment requires technical knowledge of the machinery, specialized skills in moving and installing heavy duty items, as well as training for the handling of precision equipment. Our team is highly experienced in moving, installing, and commissioning equipment of all kinds.

Equipment Installation Case Study

Client: Air Products

The Problem: Installation of critical equipment and addressing issues with additional equipment installations.

Air Products was building a new Hydrogen production plant in Fort Saskatchewan. They had two different general contractor companies during construction building different sections of the plant and working within different scopes.

We were contacted to install a storm water pump, and once on-site we were hired to address some of the issues regarding the equipment installations from the other contractors. We spent several months addressing various issues regarding the foundations of installed equipment. Our team was able to look at the facility’s installation needs as a whole and find a solution that kept the project on track and working correctly.

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Pic Industrial is the expert in heavy duty equipment installation and commissioning for the oil and gas and manufacturing industries. If you’re interested in having us install, pre-commission, and commission your facility’s equipment, please contact us.