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We’re a locally owned and operated business located in Central Alberta. Our team of highly skilled, professional millwrights work to provide our clients with the best product possible. We perform installations, construction, commissions, and maintenance on a variety of specialty equipment. We work primarily with members of the oil and gas and manufacturing industries. We want to provide products and services that are built to last.

Serving Our Customers’ Needs

Pic Industrial has installed some of the most critical equipment for many of the largest energy and oil and gas industries. We are a dynamic company who works to serve our customers to complete their project successfully and on budget. We can adapt to the needs of our customers and implement innovative and efficient solutions.

Proudly Working With

We provide you with skilled millwrights who are familiar and comfortable working with project managers, estimators, and superintendents for all the major companies and projects, but you get this without the heavy cumbersome operation of large companies. We put customer satisfaction first, so with after service care you can rest assured that there will always be people familiar with your projects.

When other people move on and go to other projects and companies, the core of Pic will always be there to provide you with lasting service. Our goal is to have just as good of an understanding of a machine or facility as our customers’ employees. We provide high quality and professional service required of a high functioning millwright company, but we are also a family owned small business.

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