We can install virtually all kinds of Equipment from Oil and Gas, Water Treatment, Food Processing. You name it we can install it properly for years of trouble free service.


We handle long and short term maintenance. Weather you need a full time millwright or just temporary coverage of staff give us a call and find out how we can help.


With over 35 years in Industry we have the experience that can't be matched. Let us prove it to you.


Pic Industrial Equipment is a privately owned business in Central Alberta, Canada. Pic Industrial was born out of the Alberta Oil Sands and has expanded out to other sectors touching nearly everyone in Alberta in some way. Whether it be working on the water systems that handle your drinking and waste water to the factories making your bread or of course the pumps and equipment that supplies our province with energy we are service Alberta. Known for top quality millwright services; since 1981 the company has been performing installations, shutdowns and overhauls in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the North West Territories. Pic Industrial has been growing steadily and looks to continue to grow in a drive to serve you! Thanks for stopping by!

Laser/Optical leveling

Making sure equipment is level is an extremely important aspect of a properly functioning industrial operation. Pic Industrial

Conveyors and material handling equipment

Pic industrial is set with staff and equipment to handle just about any job involving Conveyors and material handling equipment.

Equipment installation and alignments

As a Millwright service Pic Industrial has trained staff capable of handling just about any installation and alignment job.