About Us

Pic Industrial Equipment is a privately owned business in Central Alberta, Canada. Pic Industrial is known for top quality millwright services; since 1981 the company has been performing installations, shutdowns and overhauls in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the North West Territories. Pic Industrial has been growing steadily and looks to continue to grow in a drive to serve you!

Work by Pic has been successfully completed in refineries, gas plants, waste and fresh water plants, power plants, steel and pulp and paper mills, as well as chemical and plastic plants. Please continue to the Service page to find out how Pic Industrial Equipment can serve you.

Pic Industrial Specializes in the following services:

  • Equipment installation and alignments
  • Vibration analyzing
  • Epoxy and cementicious grouting
  • Conveyors and material handling equipment
  • Industrial shutdowns and overhauls
  • Construction and maintenance
  • And More

Pic Industrial is a proud member of the Millwrights Union of Alberta. Being a member ensures ongoing training and access to top of the line hi-tech equipment. Being a member of the Millwrights Union of Alberta guarantees with Pic you will get the highest quality work with attention to detail and safety (please see Safety link for more details on our safety program).

Pic Industrial is a top quality provider of millwright services and takes pride in having one of the best reputations in Alberta. Rest assured with Pic Industrial you made the right choice!