About Pic Industrial

Pic Industrial is currently owned by Tristan Auriat. The original company and name was started in 1978 by Tristan’s uncle, Barry Delano. Barry Delano felt that the oil and gas industry was a good choice for supporting a family, so he started Pic. Pic originally specialized in retrofitting compressors, and over the years the company slowly grew into doing general millwright work, Project Management, Electrical construction and Maintenance, Rentals and much more.                                                                                                                                                                              

Continuing The Legacy

Tristan Auriat took over the company name in 2014. Over the years Pic Industrial has grown to have a reputation for quality work, great value, customer service, and, most importantly, a deep commitment to family and building local connections.

Pic Industrial is a small, locally owned company. Tristan sees value in getting to know his employees and their families, treating everyone with respect and camaraderie. He holds the testament that when you “treat your employees as #1 and they will treat the customers the same”. Pic Industrial seeks to be the preferred millwright company to work for and with. Pic is local and community based, while still being professional, highly skilled, and great at solving unique problems.

Our Team

Tristan Auriat

Tristan was born and raised in rural Alberta, living close to his extended family in farm country in Carrot Creek. His family owned and operated car and ATV dealerships in Edson, AB. He worked farm jobs from a young age, and began to work in the Oil and Gas Industry at 18. He spent time as a pipeline labourer, eventually working his way up to be a millwright in the gas compression field. He spent seven years working at Gateway Honda as a salesperson/parts and service manager, but made his way back to being a millwright when he moved to Stony Plain. While working on a major pipeline project, he decided to start his own millwright company. In 2014 he adopted the name Pic Industrial from the previous owner and started the Pic Industrial that we now see today.