Pic Industrial takes great pride in our safety standards and over the years Pic has had a near flawless safety record. The objective of the safety program is to provide a safe working environment that will ensure the wellbeing of our staff and other staff that will be working with equipment installed by Pic Industrial. The safety program consists of the following:

  • All new employees are given literature and an indoctrination meeting upon hiring and / or upon change of job site. This meeting outlines responsibilities, problem areas, safety concerns, lockout procedures, work permits, alarms, contact people and an onsite tour. New employees to Pic Industrial are asked to fill out a questionnaire that outlines who should be contacted in case of an accident and any health problems they may have.
  • Each morning at Pic Industrial begins with an informal meeting outlining the day’s objectives, other work in the area, and any safety concerns that may arise.
  • Safety pamphlets and papers are included in the weekly pay envelope.
  • Vehicle safety and equipment inspections are performed on a monthly basis.
  • All employees of Pic Industrial are given access to protective equipment including hard hats, safety glasses, ear safety equipment, face guards, shields etc.
  • Employees are assisted in attaining First Aid Certification if they have not yet taken a course, and arrange that at least one person with this training is on each work site.