Pic Hires Local, and the Best

There is a lot of sentiment that businesses should buy and hire locally if possible. With Pic it is not only possible but ideal. Alberta is home to the best millwrights in the world. Thus, it is an easy choice to hire locally.

Before an Albertan becomes a millwright, they have access to some of the world’s best education facilities; see, for example, NAIT and SAIT. Furthermore, once becoming a millwright, there are excellent ongoing programs to enhance skills; visit, for example, the Alberta Millwrights Training Center.

Millwrights in Alberta are some of the highest-paid millwrights globally, and they are worth every penny. While other companies often see gains from paying lower wages to increase profits, Pic is devoted to the best and locally supplied labor. Pic is proudly dedicated to hiring locals and is very happy the choice is an easy one.

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