Alberta Economic Whoes

The Oil and Gas slowdowns have affected nearly all Albertans, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Of course this statement does not hold true in all cases, however we believe it holds true in this case. Major producers have greatly reduced costs recently in an effort to be profitable in an economy with lower commodity prices. Even though a great deal of these cost saving measures came in the form of layoffs there has also been a great deal of inefficiencies identified. Becoming more efficient and cost effective will help to ensure that these companies stay profitable in the future and in turn continue to develop and invest in Alberta.

There has already been signs of price increases in terms of commodities in Alberta; A barrel of oil today costs 46.21$, it was closer to 30$ just a few months ago. This increase in commodity prices may be the light on the horizon for Alberta as it may signal the end of the current economic slowdown.


The need for new innovations and technologies has been identified during the oil and gas slowdowns. This need isn’t limited to innovations in the green or renewable energy sector. The need for renewable energy sources is clear but what is also clear is that all modern world infrastructure is in need of reliable and affordable energy while renewable energies are developed. While green energies are developed for future use it is often overlooked how much innovation occurs in the oil and gas industry. Alberta is a leader in developing new technology to make the extraction and use of oil and gas more efficient and ecofriendly. As Industry processes and operations become more efficient Pic is committed to the doing the same. We are focused on helping all Industries run smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Proper maintenance of machinery is critical for their proper operation. Studies have shown proper maintenance can reduce the operating costs of some machinery by 30% or more. Proper installation is also extremly important. Without proper installation machinery may never run properly and thus be very ineffecient.


Pic is here to work with its customers, we are your partners in making your machinery work for you. We know that you have had to work hard to find ways to make it in a slow economy and we want to work with you too see you through the current tough times. We know brighter days are ahead. In the end Alberta and Pic will be stronger!



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