A Rough Time for Alberta, or is Growth Around the Corner?

There has been much speculation that the low oil prices, and even the new NDP government, will lead to slow growth in Alberta. While, at least in part, there is no doubt truth to this and Albertans are probably correct to anticipate a slow few years; there is a catch to this story. That catch is that cheap oil should also lead to growth. Oil is a major industry in Alberta but with cheap oil it also means that many other industrial projects in Alberta just became cheaper to implement.

If Alberta can maintain its strong “Alberta Advantage” there is no reason to think the long term outlook for Alberta will simply go down with low Oil prices. A millwright can tell you first hand there is a lot of infrastructure present in Alberta. There are plenty of good reasons to see strong industrial growth as low oil prices and the abundance of infrastructure propel future investments forward. The Future is bright and Pic looks forward to serving a booming Alberta. There will no doubt be some bumps and transitions ahead, but fundamentally Alberta is still a great place to invest. We have highly skilled workers and infrastructure; Alberta can adjust in a way that allows us to benefit from low oil. Growth is no doubt around the corner in Alberta.



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